Company Overview

we are ASCOMP S.A

ASCOMP S.A (Alternative Services Company) is a company operating in Haiti since November 2015 in the field of telecommunications, electronics, computing and electricity.

Our Mission

Today the technological environment is extremely dynamic. We are committed to helping telecommunications, information technology and electric power companies to efficiently build and optimize the development of their networks and companies.

Our Vision

We have the most innovative know-how in the fields mentioned above. We aim to become one of the market leaders. We have high standards of quality and professionalism in the areas of telecommunications, business services and electric power. We believe in building partnerships that establish and develop long-term business relationships with our customers. Team spirit, motivation, continuing professional training, mobility and efficiency are the strengths of ASCOMP S.A With us the customer is king.


The qualified and experienced engineers from ASCOMP S.A are mostly former Digicel employees and used to implement several projects related to Digicel Haїti such as:
- Site Survey & Engineering design for radio systems (Frequency plan, Links budgets, Redesign of transmission network in P-A- P and out of P-A- P: Phase 13, Phase 14)

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